Inside the mental game of baseball (ep. 9)

This episode of Hardball Society is all about the mental side of baseball and sports. Justin Musil and Phil Mackey sit down with Justin Anderson from Premier Sports Psychology — one of the top peak mental performance coaches in the country.

Justin works with pro, college and Olympic athletes — and other top performers — to help them reach their peak potential, and in this episode he explains the complicated wiring inside baseball players minds.

What you’ll hear on this episode:

– Why more and more baseball players and other athletes are turning to sports psychologists

– Aside from physical skills, what are the mental qualities that separate superior athletes from guys who don’t rise to the top of their capabilities?

– What is the zone, and how do baseball players reach it?

– To what degree is a younger players success predictable based on mental patterns? Can sports psychologists hone in on how likely a player is to fail or succeed?

– What are the core characteristics players need to be the best of the best?

– How can we explain the yips or mental glitches with players? For instance, Jon Lester seems to have an inability throwing the ball to first base. Why is that?

– Fear of success vs. fear of failure


“The guys that are really more secure with themselves are saying, ‘How can I be better? How can I improve?'”

“A lot of athletes get caught up in distractions. And those distractions can be anything from internal some self-talk or external. Those who can really hone in, in the middle of all of that, and stay on their task — Under pressure, on demand and through fatigue are superior.”

Where to find Justin Anderson:


Twitter: @premsport_psych

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