The Art of Scouting: How Tom Brady almost played baseball (ep. 7)

Rick Schroeder has been one of Major League Baseball’s top scouts for decades and was recently honored at the Winter Meetings as baseball’s West Scout of the Year for his work with the Texas Rangers.

Not only does he have stories about most of the prominent players in baseball over the past 35 years, he also sat in Tom Brady’s living room and told Tom’s parents that their son would be foolish if he didn’t choose baseball.

We know how that turned out (not that Brady wouldn’t have been a great baseball player).

Schroeder joins the Hardball Society crew – Phil Mackey and Justin Musil – on this Art of Scouting episode.

Here’s what else you’ll find in this episode:

– What do scouts look for and how do they approach game days?

– What characteristics are most important and predictive in players?

– What types of interview settings and questions do good scouts get the most information and value out of?

– Schroeder tells several stories about prominent players over the past four decades.

– And much more!


“I always said I wish I would have drafted the guy because I would have liked to have had his signature on the reconsent form. I would have had his autograph!” — Rick Schroeder on Tom Brady, who almost played pro baseball.

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