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At HardballSociety.com, you can expect a strong mix of storytelling, opinions and humor — and wide-ranging conversations and story-telling sessions with industry insiders — from players, scouts and executives to authors and umpires


Podcast host Justin Musil

Claim to baseball credibility: I’m fortunate enough to run one of the top high school baseball advising companies in the country, and I also work as an associate scout for the Texas Rangers. Most importantly, I refuse to play slow pitch softball, which catapults my street cred within the industry.

Favorite player as a kid: Sweet-swinging Ken Griffey Jr. I had a nice collage of magazine cutouts of him all over my walls in my bedroom until I was 18. Looking back, it wasn’t as normal as I thought it was at the time.

Most memorable baseball moment as a fan: Watching Kirby Puckett’s Game 6 home run in the 1991 World Series. I was only 8, but nothing has topped it since.

Most memorable baseball moment as a player: The 1995 Haugen Brewers Little League championship. Our 9-hole hitter finally put something in play and it was too hot for outfielder to handle. It was a two run walk-off triple. There is nothing like being in the pile after winning a title. Even if it’s Little League!


Podcast host Phil Mackey

Claim to baseball credibility: I’ve written about, broadcast about and podcast about baseball for more than a decade, including working as a major league beat writer and talk show host for ESPN Twin Cities for several years. I also won a fantasy league once in like 2006, which takes my credibility to lofty levels.

Favorite player as a kid: Sammy Sosa, until I realized he was corking his bats and perhaps taking some “extra strong vitamins.” The summer of 1998 is still “real to me, dammit!”

Most memorable baseball moment(s) as a fan: Sitting in the Metrodome during Game 163 between the Twins and Tigers in 2009. This atmosphere made me an even bigger fan of MLB’s new one-game wild card play-in system. I’m also lucky enough to have attended two no-hitters in person — Eric Milton against a nondescript Angels lineup in 1999, and Francisco Liriano at U.S. Cellular Field in 2011.

Most memorable baseball moment as a player: Being named Culver’s Player of the Game once in high school by a local radio station. Hey, there’s no shame in peaking at age 17.

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