Willie Bloomquist on old school vs analytics, Lou Piniella, more (ep. 4)

Willie Bloomquist comes from the school of baseball hard knocks – an old school utility player who spent 14 years in the major leagues, thanks in large part to a mastery of fundamentals, leadership and a grinder mindset, which may sound like clichés, but they all are applicable to Willie.

Prior to their conversation with Bloomquist, pro scout Justin Musil and 1500 ESPN Twin Cities radio host Phil Mackey dive into a discussion/debate about analytics and scouting in baseball. What annoys analytics people about the scouting side, and vice versa?

Then, Willie Bloomquist opens up about the following:

– Political correctness in life and sports

– The keys to staying in the major leagues well into your 30’s

– Baseball’s lost arts, the value (or not) of bunting, and how he would handle roster management differently

– His first (intimidating) encounter with legendary manager Lou Piniella, and how that encounter stuck with him for the rest of his career

– Why baseball is evolving into a “softer” mentality

– Willie’s most gratifying and insecure moments as a player, and some of his favorite teams and stories

– And much more!


Hardball Society is hosted by 1500 ESPN’s Phil Mackey and pro baseball scout Justin Musil, who sit down with industry insiders — from MLB players, scouts and executives to authors and umpires — for wide-ranging conversations and story-telling sessions. Subscribe on iTunes!

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